At Servd Fresh we pride ourselves on high quality meals and great customer service. Please do however familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy prior to placing any orders with us.

Meal delivery

Please ensure that you check your meal pack upon arrival. In the event that your meal pack is not received in good order, is damaged or has incorrect contents, please notify Servd Fresh within a 24 hour period from delivery and will immediately provide a replacement within 48 hours. No replacements/refunds will be issued once 24 hours has lapsed.

Cooling Off Period

Servd Fresh offers a 5 day cooling off period. Should you wish to cancel your order in this time, Servd Fresh will refund your order, however a cancellation penalty of 10% of total package cost will apply to cover administration and bank charges incurred. Cancellations will not be permitted due to change of mind post the cooling off period. You may however pause your order until such time as you are ready to resume or alternatively we may issue you with a credit voucher that can be redeemed at a later stage or transferred to another party.

Please be sure to trial our product to ensure that it is right for you prior to committing to a full package as refunds will not be issued based on personal taste preference.

Unsatisfactory Service

We do our utmost best to deliver on customer satisfaction and a high quality product. In the unfortunate event that you may experience dissatisfaction with our service or product and wish to cancel as a result, please provide us with an email that can be sent to detailing the reason for cancellation. If the fault is deemed to be directly related to Servd Fresh a refund will be provided.

Please do make sure that you have a full understanding of how our service works prior to placing your order. Should the service not be understood and deemed post order that it is not a suitable service to suit your needs, the order will not be able to be cancelled. We will however issue you with a credit voucher that you can redeem at a later stage. Please refer to our How It Works section and FAQ’s of our website or please give us a call on 078 477 9882 if any clarification is required.

“Food is divine, really high quality meals and healthy food that you look forward to eating” – Paula Baetu

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