Your order will be delivered once a week on a Monday.  You will receive a delivery each Monday for the duration of your meal package.  All meals are delivered Fresh.  Each meal comes with an expiry date.  Special attention need to be given to the expiry dates and meals consumed by the dates listed.  If a meal is not going to be consumed by this date, it is advisable to freeze the meal.

We currently deliver to most areas of Johannesburg in the North, South, East and West that fall within our radius.  We currently do not service any far lying areas of the North, South, East and West Rand.  Please do enquire with us if you do reside in further out areas to confirm delivery prior to placing your order.

We do not currently deliver to Pretoria.

Collection is an option.  You can collect from our factory on a Monday.  Collections work the same as deliveries and packages would need to be collected once a week.

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