What sets Servd Fresh apart from other meal delivery services

Servd Fresh meals are all Fresh (not frozen). As a result of this, we are able to offer a menu that offers a far superior menu selection and great quality at competitive pricing.

What is the benefit of Servd Fresh?

Servd Fresh offers a range of freshly prepared healthy ready to eat meals that are designed with you in mind. It’s like having your own personal chef and shopper all bundled up into one. You get to skip the shops (well most of the time anyway), and you get to eat a range of freshly prepared healthy meals that are all done for you. Having your meals prepared and delivered improve your eating habits encouraging healthier food choices, and actually saves you money as you are less likely to frequent shops on a regular basis where the temptation to purchase unnecessary items and over buying that results in wastage is completely limited. Plus you get to save all your time on things more important to you than cooking.

Will I lose weight with Servd Fresh?

By changing your lifestyle and eating correctly, you will lose weight. Servd Fresh is not diet food, it is real food that you should be eating everyday which has correctly prepared, balanced and portioned. There are no miracle cures, tablets or shakes that will help you lose and sustain your weight. A mental shift and change in lifestyle is what it takes to give you a slimmer and healthier life.

How do I order meals?

Servd Fresh is purely an online service. You will need create an account, shop online for the products that you require, add to your basket and checkout.

How do I pay for meals?

Servd Fresh offers a convenient EFT or Credit Card or Zapper payment option available online. You will see these options available to you once you have completed your purchase and have checked out.

Are orders automatically renewed?

Servd Fresh is not a subscription service. Once your package has come to an end, Servd Fresh will inform you via email as well as remind you ahead of next order deadline should you wish to renew your package.

What if I need to go away?

Should you need to pause your service, Servd Fresh will hold your meals for that period. Due to the nature of service meals may only be paused for weekly increments ie end day needs to be a Friday and the new start date a Monday. Servd Fresh requires a minimum of 5 working days notice to pause your service. Insufficient notice will result in a full order charge. For all going away requirements, an email will need to be sent to  PLEASE NOTE:  Your service may only be paused once in an order cycle. Should you pause your service on more than occasion in a cycle, a credit coupon for the additional period will be issued. This may then be deemed against a new order.

Cancellation policy

At Servd Fresh we pride ourselves on high quality meals and great customer service. Please do however familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy prior to placing any orders with us.

Order deadline

Quality and Freshness is well worth the wait. We don’t mass produce our meals in advance therefore as a result we do have a longer leadtime. This allows us to carefully plan all our meals and to ensure that our quality processes are correctly followed. All our meals are carefully planned for and freshly prepared each week for your enjoyment. Order leadtimes are 10 days from order deadline which is by COB on a Thursday.

Can I change my delivery address?

Delivery addresses may be changed, however we do require a 48 hour notice period. Notice of change of address received outside of this period may not be able to be accommodated. To change your delivery address, please send a mail to

How do I heat the meals?

Meals require a 2 – 3 minute heating time.  Heating instructions are all available on pack.

Can I freeze my meals?

All meals are delivered fresh. Freezing is not required unless meals have not been consumed by the expiry date. Please refer on pack for freezing instructions.

How are meals delivered?

All our meals are delivered in a cooler box with ice-packs that ensure adequate temperature control whilst in transit.

What if a delivery day falls on a public holiday?

If a delivery day falls on a public holiday, the delivery day will automatically be moved to the last working day prior to the public holiday. Should a public holiday fall on a Monday, the order will then be moved to delivery on the Tuesday and the Mondays meals will be credited.

Meal delivery

Please ensure that you check your meal pack upon arrival. In the event that your meal pack is not received in good order, is damaged or has incorrect contents, please notify Servd Fresh within a 24 hour period from delivery in order to rectify. No replacements/refunds will be issued once 24 hours has lapsed.

Cooling off period

Servd Fresh offers a 5 day cooling off period from date of order. Should you wish to cancel your order in this time, Servd Fresh will refund your order, however a cancellation penalty of 10% of total package cost will apply to cover administration and bank charges incurred. Cancellations will not be permitted due to change of mind post the cooling off period. You may however pause your order until such time as you are ready to resume or alternatively we may issue you with a credit voucher that can be redeemed at a later stage or transferred to another party.

Please be sure to trial our product to ensure that it is right for you prior to committing to a full package as refunds will not be issued based on personal taste preference.

Unsatisfactory service

We do our utmost best to deliver on customer satisfaction and a high quality product. In the unfortunate event that you may experience dissatisfaction with our service or product and wish to cancel as a result, please provide us with an email that can be sent to detailing the reason for cancellation. If the fault is deemed to be directly related to Servd Fresh a refund will be provided.

Please do make sure that you have a full understanding of how our service works prior to placing your order. Should the service not be understood and deemed post order that it is not a suitable service to suit your needs, the order will not be able to be cancelled. We will however issue you with a credit voucher that you can redeem at a later stage. Please refer to our How It Works section and FAQ’s of our website or please give us a call on 078 477 9882 if any clarification is required.

Renewal of orders

Once you have an active order, a reminder will be sent to you to you 10 days before the end of your package to remind you to renew your order in time so that you can enjoy continuous deliveries without the wait.

How do my meals stay fresh?

Servd Fresh is all about providing superior quality and freshness. Our passion and focus lies in creating great tasting meals that are prepared Fresh, never frozen, ensuring that you get the best possible quality.

In addition, all our meals also undergo an HPP (high pressure processing) process which kills off all naturally occurring bacteria on cooked food ensuring even fresher meals with an extended shelf life all without the use of nasty and harmful preservatives.

For more on HPP, click on the following link

How often are meals delivered?

Meal packs are delivered weekly each Monday. You will receive 4 x deliveries for the duration of your package.

Delivery times

Delivery times are on Mondays between 8am and 3:30pm.

Can I request a special delivery?

Due the nature of our deliveries and logistics, special deliveries or times cannot be accommodated. Please kindly ensure that you have someone available to accept your delivery on your behalf if you are not available or alternatively if you will not be at the specified delivery address on a particular day, please be sure to change your address with us 48 hours prior to delivery.

What happens with the cooler boxes after delivery?

Cooler boxes are disposable and do not need to be returned. If you do wish to return them for recycling purposes, you may hand them back to the driver.

How long can I keep my meals in the cooler box after delivery?

Upon receipt of your meal packs, please place meals / smoothies immediately in fridge. Our cooler boxes are designed to hold temperature at optimum levels for a period of 8 – 10 hours only. Should you wish to keep your meals for a few hours in the cooler box once they have been received, please ensure that your ice packs are still in a frozen state in order to do so. It is however recommended that meal packs are placed directly in the fridge upon receipt especially in Spring/Summer conditions.

Is Servd Fresh Halaal?

Servd Fresh is currently not Halaal certified

Do you have Gluten Free options?

Servd Fresh does not offer gluten free options at this stage

“Loving the new banting menu! Had the chilli con carne with cauli rice for lunch today and it was delicious!” – Tammy Lynn Heydenrych

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