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Choose your menu from Week 1 to Week 4 - Independent meal selection is not available on our Vegetarian or Budget packages

(Please note that orders do not automatically start on Week 1, but on the weekly cycle that is currently been produced at the time of your order ie if your order commences for example when production is on Week 3, your order will automatically fall into Week 3, it will then be followed by Week 4, Week 1 and Week 2)

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Once we have received your order and it has been confirmed, you will receive confirmation of your order via email

Please allow up to 48 hours for orders to be confirmed. Once your order has been confirmed you will receive confirmation via email. Please familiarise yourself with the contents of the email that you will receive upon confirmation that contains important information regarding the service


All our meals are carefully planned for and freshly prepared each week for your enjoyment. Order deadlines are on or before no later than 8am on a Monday morning for the following Monday delivery.


Once you have an active order, a reminder will be sent to you to you 10 days before the end of your package to remind you to renew your order in time so that you can enjoy continuous deliveries without the wait.


Please ensure that you check your meal pack upon arrival. In the event that your meal pack is not received in good order, is damaged or has incorrect contents, please notify Servd Fresh within a 24 hour period from delivery in order to rectify. No replacements/refunds will be issued once 24 hours has lapsed.


We are passionate about caring for the environment and although we can’t provide an alternative to plastic, we do hold ourselves responsible in ensuring that we offer a recycling option whereby our clients are strongly encouraged to return the tubs on a weekly basis – we of course offer to collect these when we drop off your new delivery each week.

For those clients that do not place a new order, post their current order, we recommend that the last set of tubs are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Let’s make a difference together #sustainabilitymatters

“Food is divine, really high quality meals and healthy food that you look forward to eating” – Paula Baetu

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